Small Business: Redefined

We’ve built an EXPERIENCE Platform that’s all about you. We’ve made it easier and faster for you to write more Small Business in a more personal way. Here’s how:

Technology powered by our people

Investments in our people, technology and processes make your experience easier, faster and better so that you can spend your valuable time where it matters most with customers.

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Your experience, simplified

Simple is better so we’ve created an experience that is all about ease of use. Data fill, fewer screens and an intuitive step by step process means no rework and quick answers so you’ll be writing new business in no time.

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Relationships first

Our local, responsive teams, including a dedicated underwriter, truly know your market, your agency and your challenges and opportunities.

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Hungry for more

Our new Digital Appetite Guide details our hunger for new business. We’re transparent about what business we want and what business we’re great at writing.

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Fast, yet personal

We have the speed and scale of a large carrier and the flexibility and personalization of a regional carrier in one strong, stable company.

So, take action!

Explore our new Westfield Small Business Resource Toolbox and experience the future with Westfield Small Business. We’re smarter. Simpler. Faster. More personal. More balanced. And more together.

Use the information we provide as your source for Westfield Small Business information. We’ll keep you updated so be sure to bookmark this site.

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