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Scam Alert

Please be aware of a fraud scheme using the Westfield Insurance name.

Check-Fraud Scam

Please be advised that we have nine examples and counting of a check-fraud scam misusing the Westfield name and (old) logo. In this scam, a “plaintiff” contacts a law firm asking for representation because Westfield has failed to pay on a claim. After a few days’ delay, the scammers send the law firm a fraudulent settlement check and cover letter alleging to resolve the case. The scammers hope the law firm will wire them “their portion” of the settlement before the fraudulent check bounces.

Be aware.

Other than using our name, these cases have nothing to do with Westfield. Based on the examples so far:

  • The claims are about alleged dog bites.
  • The cover letters use the outdated trilogy logo, not our new sunburst logo.
  • The cover letters are signed by a “Joe < middle name varies > Kohmann”.
  • The checks are sent via FedEx from an address in Ontario, Canada.
  • The checks are issued by CitiBank, a bank we do not usually use.
  • When claim numbers are provided, they are not in a format used by Westfield.
  • In most of the examples so far, the alleged claimant was “Aaron Diaz”. The insured names have been different in all examples but have not (yet) matched to any actual insured.
We expect frauds in this pattern to continue.

Take Action!

If you receive a call about a claim matching this description:

  1. Don't deposit the check. (If you already have, don't wire the “plaintiff” any money until the check actually clears – which, since it’s a fraud, it won’t.)
  2. We are collecting data to help law enforcement to pursue these scammers. Would you be willing to provide us copies of the materials you have received?
  3. Please email ReportFraud@westfieldgrp.com so we can continue to collect statistics on this fraud.