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Wespak Estate: Insurance Coverage for the Items that Mean the Most to You

“Insurance isn't really about things, it's about you," says Scott Schumaker, Westfield's Personal Lines product manager. " Your home and everything you have in it are a reward for your hard work."

As we become more established in our lives, our insurance needs grow more complex. Optimal coverage goes beyond theft or a dent in your car and takes into consideration the entirety of family assets and liabilities. That's why Westfield is pleased to offer Wespak Estate, a comprehensive coverage package that protects your vehicle, your home and so many other aspects of your life.

“Think about something like golf clubs, passed through generations and now waiting patiently in your garage just waiting to be swung," continues Schumaker. "And a hat's not just a hat—it's from an unforgettable shopping trip with friends. Insurance is about preserving what means the most to you, even if the sentimental value cannot be replaced."

What Is Wespak Estate?

We know our high-net-worth clients have better things to do with their time than sort out what is and what is not on their insurance policies. That's why we've combined home and auto coverages, and included benefits such as specific coverages for equipment breakdown, identity theft and roadside assistance. Replacement coverage is also automatically included for most personal property in a Wespak Estate policy and has higher limits than a standard homeowner policy for specific valuable items such as jewelry, fine arts and even cryptocurrency, Schumaker explains. For example, if the replacement cost of your appropriately insured home is $1 million, but will cost $1.5 million to rebuild due to increased costs, you'll generally be covered. And if you decide to cash out in the event of a loss to move, downsize or build somewhere else, you're free to make that choice, as well.

Yes, we have some offerings you'd expect for water, fire and theft protection, but also some you'd otherwise need to put on a separate rider if you had another kind of policy. Let's take a look at a few ways Wespak Estate goes beyond the norm:

Animals: Did the cat use your antique rug for scratching practice? Perhaps your parrot got loose and shattered the stained window? Or maybe your Maltipoo was hurt in a fender-bender. Pet Wespak Estate provides limited coverage for injuries to and damage by your furry or feathered friends in your home and auto.

Car: If you're using your company car to run a personal errand, Wespak Estate can help bridge that coverage gap if there's an accident.

Collections: Whether it's baseball cards or bobbleheads, wine or watches, you've taken time to cultivate your collection. If your collector's items are stolen or damaged, Wespak Estate has your actual cash value covered.

Cyber: Protections for the whole family include limited reimbursement if you or someone in your family is the victim of cyberbullying or phishing incident—not just for the money you've lost, but for ancillary costs such as counseling for a victim of cyberbullying. Some phishing incidents require customers to pay thousands of dollars. Wespak Estate covers up to $100,000 from those losses.

Home: Wespak Estate pays for the replacement of items such as fences, pools and other non-building structures when damaged by a covered event. And in the event that you'll need to vacate for repairs, coverage is included for necessary increased costs to maintain your household's normal standard of living.

Boats and their trailers: Wespak Estate includes up to $5,000 protection for damage to boats and/or the trailers used to haul them.

Other items: You might not have grave markers, trees and shrubs at the top of your insurance list, but Wespak Estate offers increased coverage amounts.

Water damage: There's protection for damage that happens when water backs up through a sewer or drain, plus the cost of labor to install devices that help mitigate a similar water loss in the future, such as water-leak sensors, sump pumps and automatic shut-off switches.

What Is the Claims Process Like?

Though we pride ourselves in taking care of all our customers, no matter what policy they choose, our Wespak Estate clients keep telling us how surprisingly easy the claims process was to navigate.

“Over 90 percent of our customers report being satisfied with how we handle their claim," says Phil Giordano, Property Complex Claims unit leader. “We focus on delivering an effortless claims experience in getting our customers back to where they were before the loss."

One way Westfield can do that is by meeting customers where they are from a technology standpoint. This could mean using smartphone pictures of damage to start working on a claim right away, processing payments electronically, and communicating through text or whatever the customer's preference is, Giordano explains.

Westfield promotes prompt, fair and professional claim service. If, for instance, your luxury car is in the shop getting repairs after a covered accident, you'll be provided with a comparable vehicle based on your policy. "We're continuing to focus on delivering services to meet or beat our customers' expectations," Giordano says.

How will Wespak Estate provide extra peace of mind for you? Connect with an agent to find out.