Do I Need Insurance for My Home Gym?


Home gyms are all the rage. Hop on your exercise bike, fire up your rowing machine, swing some kettlebells and you're on your way to a healthy lifestyle without needing to leave the house.

When many were homebound during the pandemic, home gym equipment sales soared. Not only that, it inspired a change in the industry: Many personal fitness professionals started offering online or small group in-home classes, and people began working out at home gyms with friends.

While these trends are likely to continue, you want to consider how to keep yourself—and your space—protected with property and liability insurance coverage.

How Property and Liability Insurance Coverage Can Help Protect Your Home Gym

You might think the risk of any damage while working out at home is small, but the potential for accidents and liability is always present. If something does go wrong and you don't have coverage, you could leave yourself unprotected.

Let's say you're working out with your new kettlebell and it slips while you're doing a swing. The 25-pound weight leaves your hands and smashes through your floorboards. Dropping weights happens, but not having coverage can mean a much different experience. If you have homeowners insurance, your policy could help cover the costs to repair your floorboards and get everything back good as new. Without coverage, you'll need to pay for the damages and repairs out of pocket, and that can add up.

Review your policy. Check that your coverage will help with the costs of repairing any accidental damage to your home or property from gym equipment accidents.

Another thing to consider is personal injury coverage on your homeowner's insurance. You may have spent the last year working out with a friend in your backyard or garage. But what if one day your friend slips and injures her wrist? While we hope this will never happen, you could be liable if it does. Your homeowner's insurance personal injury coverage will help reimburse costs associated with the injury—up to your policy limit—that occur on your property.

If You Hire a Fitness Instructor, Ask About Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Getting personalized instruction from trainers has become a popular option over the years. So has small group fitness instruction. Now it's common for a trainer or instructor to host individual or small group classes at clients' homes.

If you are someone who works with a personal trainer in your home, be aware that it can open you up to potential liability if you, your trainer or friends get hurt during a session. If that happens, you might be open to a lawsuit and other costs, which you'd have to pay if found liable. To help ensure you've got protection, chat with your trainer and make sure they have fitness instructor liability insurance coverage. With the right coverage, you can work out with a personal trainer and not worry about any accidental property damage or injuries while in your home gym.

Getting fit is a great thing, and having a home gym can provide a ton of convenience for you and your family. The key is to make sure you've got the right layers of protection before you start. That can help give you some extra peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

Our Wespak Estate property and liability insurance coverage can help ensure your home gym is protected. If you have questions about the types of property damage your policy covers, get in touch with a local Westfield Agent today. We're happy to help you find the right coverage for your needs.