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Westfield Direct Reporting Saves You Time

Westfield Claims Saves You Time

As an agent, we know your time is valuable.

Westfield’s Claims department has a way to make your time more efficient: direct reporting.  When a customer reports a claim directly to Westfield, we immediately get to work on entering it into our system and assigning a claims professional, sometimes within hours of the claim being reported. Our claims team is solutions- oriented. That’s what we bring to the table - and to every claim.

Direct reporting elevates the customer experience by providing opportunities for immediate impact during a time your customers need it most. This helps reduce uncertainty and guides the customer to personalized solutions.

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The process on your end is simple: if your customer calls your office to file a claim, have them call Westfield at 800-243-0210, option 3. Or if you prefer, you can also transfer them directly to us. This lets us assist them sooner in the claim process and could save your agency valuable time. Plus, when a claim is directly reported, you will receive an FNOL summary for your immediate awareness in case you would like to follow up with your customer.

Westfield stands by our claims promise. Our claims team is responsive and able to provide a resolution that fits. Because it’s personal.

Often, insurance may seem like it’s all about material things. Cars, homes, boats, buildings. But, when it comes down to it, insurance is really about people…and what matters most to them. We understand that time is precious - that's why we're here to help you and your customers save even more. Our claims team truly gets that…on the deepest level. We bring an empathetic approach – especially at a time when customers need it most.