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4 Reasons an Umbrella Policy is Essential Protection

Dog licking a boy's face
Yes your homeowners and auto policy will protect you, but to what extent? Have you considered an umbrella policy which will protect you in excess of the underlying policy limits in the following scenarios?
  1. Dog Attack - We all love our dogs and think they would never hurt anyone but what happens, for whatever reason, they do bite a neighbor? Imagine your neighbor takes out the trash and your golden retriever escapes through your open fence gate. Maybe your canine does not like this neighbor and bites him. The neighbor sustains multiple lacerations to both legs and a lower back injury.
  2. Contractors at Your House - Have you ever had workers come to your home for repairs? What happens if they are injured? Are you liable? Imagine after finishing work in your attic, an HVAC technician falls through the floor of your attic, falling nearly 20 feet. The technician sustains back, hand, foot, rib, shoulder and waist injuries.
  3. Texting While Driving - Texting and driving is far too common. While you may not text and drive, are you confident everyone in your family does not as well? If your child is texting and driving and hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk, the impact could be devastating. Imagine the pedestrian suffers traumatic brain damage and an amputation to their right leg.
  4. Running a Red Light - We have all been there, running late for work or picking up a family member. It can take one split second of not paying attention for everything to change. In our haste, we run a red light and collide with a motorcycle at an intersection. The impact causes the rider to be thrown from the motorcycle and to pass away at the scene from the resulting injuries. The family of the victim seeks compensatory damages from the driver for negligence in the operation of the motor vehicle.
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