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The Skinny on Commercial Surety Bonds

Commercial Surety bonds are bonds that protect businesses and are most often required by government agencies (federal, state or local) for a variety of industries. These bonds are typically required in order for a business or individual to obtain or maintain various licenses and/or permits. 

Before you do anything, let us help you arm yourself with information. Below is a brief primer on commercial surety bonds.

Common Categories of Commercial Surety Bonds

Court Bond: A guarantee to the court to be filed in conjunction with litigation. The court will require either the plantiff or defendant to post a court bond. These bonds are used to demonstrate financial responsibility to the court while the case is being heard in court. Examples:

  • Judicial (Appeal bond, Attachment bond, Replevin bond, Release of lien bond)

Probate or Fiduciary Bond: Guarantee the good faith of a person appointed to handle another person's private affairs. Examples:

  • Administrator bond, Executor bond, Guardian bond, Trustee bond

License and Permit Bond: Often required by municipalities (city, county, township, etc.), state departments or the federal government, these bonds guarantee consumer protection before granting licenses to businesses such as electricians, plumbers, car dealerships, etc. Examples:

  • Contractors' License bond (electrical, plumbing, general contractor, paving)
  • Motor Vehicle bond (car dealership, mobile home dealership)
  • Lost or Defective Title bond (individuals, car dealership)
  • Mortgage bond (mortgage broker, mortgage lender)

Miscellaneous Bond: Failing to fall into one of the previous classifications, a miscellaneous bond is another type of financial guarantee. It protects consumers from certain forms of breached agreements or contracts. Examples:

  • Wage & Welfare Bond: Required by various unions to guarantee that a business will pay an employee’s contributions to the union’s welfare trust fund
  • Utility Deposit Bond: Usually required when a company doesn’t have a payment history established with a utility company, this bond guarantees payment for services (electric, gas, water, phone, etc.)

Why Choose Commercial Surety Bonds from Westfield?

  • We’re licensed to provide surety bonds in all 50 states.
  • We offer same-day service on most bonds.
  • We offer competitive rates.
  • We have a centralized customer resource center that enables us to provide service in all time zones.
  • We’re T-listed and A.M. Best "A" rated.
  • We can provide quicker service with our automated transactional platform.
  • We can write individual bonds or accounts up to $50 million.


Westfield Surety Claims professionals deliver guidance and expertise to our agents, customers and underwriters throughout the surety claim process.

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