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Save up to 40 percent on Your Car Insurance Policy* 


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We Put You in Control of Your Savings

Missionsafe is a usage-based insurance (UBI) program accessible via an application on your smartphone. The app provides you, our personal lines customer, insight and feedback on you and your family’s driving and provides incentives to be a quality driver. On average customers receive a 20 percent discount. 

Your premium will not increase due to the data collected. MissionSafe can only save you money on your car insurance.


Save on Your Policy

If you’re looking to save money on your Westfield auto insurance policy, keep your eyes on the road!  MissionSafe is your roadmap to savings.

Westfield’s MissionSafe smartphone app allows you to earn rewards and renewal discounts. MissionSafe looks at your driving habits and rewards you for safe driving!  The safer you drive, the greater the  rewards and discounts.

Savings and safety.


Drive Safer

Westfield’s MissionSafe app is your onramp to better driving habits. Studies show the best way to improve your driving habits is to be aware of them. This easy-to-download smartphone app looks at your driving behaviors and works to keep you safe on the road. And encourages good driving not just for newer drivers, but for anyone on your policy!

MissionSafe brings peace of mind. That’s something to drive toward.

Safety and security.

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Customer Testimonials

“It makes me a better driver.”

“It makes us concentrate more on driving.”

“Easy to use and fun.”

MissionSafe Common Questions

No, customer data is never sold or shared.
No, you can withdraw from the program anytime.
No, MissionSafe only gathers data it needs to develop a driving factor for a discount.

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MissionSafe Benefit for Safe Drivers

MissionSafe provides a major benefit for our customers that take advantage of the program.

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* MissionSafe terms & conditions