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service lines coverage

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A Costly Surprise for Homeowners
Protect your home – and hard-earned money – with service line coverage

Few people give much thought to the wires and pipes that deliver power and water to their homes.

Until, that is, it’s too late.

Most homeowners don’t know that they’re on the hook financially to repair or replace damaged or destroyed exterior, underground service lines to their home. It can prove a costly surprise -- upwards of $7,000 or more depending on what’s involved.

View an interactive demonstration of how situations like these can affect your home.

Repairing service lines isn’t a simple fix, often requiring significant digging that can wreak havoc on landscaping, driveways or walkways. In addition, families sometimes must relocate while repairs are being done, adding to the cost.

The answer: Service line coverage

Service line coverage offers the protection you need, filling a gap in standard homeowners’ insurance policies that don’t typically cover service lines. Some utilities offer service contracts, but they are typically expensive, offer limited coverage, and often only cover one type of service line.

The risk of a problem is real. Homeowners today rely on more service lines than ever before, including water, waste, drainage, irrigation, heating (gas, propane, steam and geothermal), compressed air, and communications lines, including cable, data transmission, internet access and telecommunications.

Preparation pays off

Service line damage happens more often than you think. And when it does, the costs add up quickly. Fortunately for these Westfield customers, they had the coverage they needed when trouble struck.

Highlights of Service Line Coverage

  • Costs to reach damaged underground piping and wiring
  • Repair or replacement of damaged exterior underground piping and wiring
  • Coverage for your outdoor property such as landscaping, driveways and walkways
  • Additional costs to expedite materials and services for repairs
  • Living expenses if you need to temporarily relocate, including hotels, meals and other expenses
  • Environmental safety and efficiency condition allowing for 150% upgrade when replacement is required
  • Damaged outdoor property including shrubs, trees, lawn and landscaping such as driveways and walkways
  • Cost of generators and other temporary equipment that allows you to remain at home during repairs


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