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Gap Coverage

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It’s traumatic when a beloved car is totaled in a wreck. And doubly disappointing when drivers discover their insurance doesn’t cover the full balance of their loan. Then they’re not only without a vehicle, they’re also often left owing thousands of dollars. 

But because you’re a savvy consumer, that doesn’t have to be you. With a Westfield auto policy, you can opt for loan/lease gap coverage that offers the financial protection you deserve in the event something happens to your new or late model vehicle.

Get Your Loan or Lease Paid Off

The most important thing gap coverage does for you is provide that financial cushion if your totaled vehicle turns out to be worth less than you owe on your car loan. This is a surprisingly common occurrence since vehicles — especially new ones — start to lose value the minute you buy them. 

When you get into a crash and the insurance adjuster decides your car should be totaled:

  • The insurance company pays out the actual cash value of your car at the time of the loss.
  • If that value is $5,000, but you owe $10,000 on your loan or lease, you’re still on the hook to pay your finance company another $5,000.

Gap coverage is an option you can add to your auto policy. It takes care of paying that $5,000 balance — and that can offer significant financial peace of mind.

Gap Coverage for More Than Cars

At Westfield, gap coverage isn’t just for cars. You can add other types of vehicles to your auto insurance and have everything on one policy. Get loan/lease gap coverage for your:

Discover More Coverage Options

Along with lease/gap insurance, Westfield offers additional options to protect you beyond basic auto coverage. Ask your agent about: 

Connect With a Westfield Agent

Your finance company might offer gap coverage as part of your loan or lease when you sign the deal on your vehicle. However, we know you like to do your own research — and to save money. 

So use our convenient online tool to find an independent Westfield agent near you and ask about gap coverage through Westfield. You might just find the protection you need.




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