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westfield signature insurance for real estate management

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Westfield offers a combination of coverages for real estate businesses, including those that focus on condos and offices and leasing commercial properties to others. Coverage includes costs of regaining customers after a loss, displaced business income from contractual penalties, and emergency vacating expenses. Real Estate also includes condominium associations and commercial condominium unit-owners.

Your Deed to Westfield’s Finest Offerings

  • At Westfield, we understand there’s more to running a successful real estate business than simply owning impressive properties.
  • During a typical week, you’re often faced with a host of stomach-churning problems—late rent payments, evictions, property damage, lease violations.
  • We know that finding and keeping quality tenants is your lifeblood. Our real estate product is devised specifically to help Westfield customers protect their buildings and occupants.
  • Our coverages are intuitively designed to meet the challenges and potential hazards you deal with in your business.
  • We can do this at a fair price because our exclusive Westfield Signature Insurance policy packages protection to better address the risks specific to real estate.

Westfield Signature Insurance for Real Estate

  • In addition to the coverages that come standard with most property policies, we offer extended coverage especially for the real estate market.
  • When a loss happens, you can count on us. Because our claims team is in your neighborhood, we can act quickly to keep the doors open, protect your business and let you focus on your customers.

Condos and Offices

Expanded coverage options are available for offices and commercial condominiums through Westfield’s Signature Series for Real Estate program.

Coverage solutions are offered for larger businesses on the commercial package policy, and for smaller operations on the business owner’s policy (BOP).

Two property coverage forms tailored specifically to the needs of condominium associations and condominium commercial unit-owners.

Condominium Association Director’s & Officers professional liability coverage is available for office condominium and apartment condominium associations (note that townhouse associations and homeowners’ associations are not eligible).

Here’s why Westfield Signature Insurance for Real Estate is a better choice for your business:

Good Protection offers: 

  • Coverage for your buildings and limited coverage for newly acquired buildings
  • Premises and operations liability/protection from lawsuits
  • Workers compensation/coverage for injuries to employees


Better Protection Provides:

  • Emergency tenant evacuation coverage
  • Coverage to help tenants move back into the insured’s building after a loss
  • Coverage to help regain lost customers due to a covered loss
  • Coverage for increased real estate tax assessment
  • Coverage for lost master keys and key cards


To find the right insurance, reach out to your independent Westfield agent. Because they deal with real estate coverages every day, they can anticipate your needs and help you find the insurance that fits your business.



Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we’ll be there. And now, so will your policy info.



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