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Better Protection for Your Business

The Right Menu for Insuring Your Restaurant

Running a successful restaurant takes more than just good food. It requires savvy, stamina and a dash of ingenuity. 

  • At Westfield, we’re familiar with these ingredients because we own a few restaurants ourselves. That’s right—we’re an insurance company that runs hotel dining, event catering, conference center dining and a pub at the Westfield Country Club. 
  • Because of our experience running various types of dining facilities, Westfield’s restaurant insurance is intuitively designed to meet the challenges and potential hazards in your business. 
  • We can do this at a fair price because of our exclusive underwriting process that packages protection to better address the risks specific to restaurants. 
  • We call this the Westfield Signature Insurance. Unique to Westfield, it provides specially made coverage for the restaurant business.  

Westfield Signature Insurance for Restaurants

  • We offer the essential protection that you get from other insurance companies, plus extended coverage built especially for the restaurant market. 
  • When a loss happens, you can count on us. Because our claims team is in your neighborhood, we can act quickly to keep the doors open, protect your business and let you focus on your customers. 

Here’s why Westfield’s Signature Insurance for Restaurants is a better choice for you:

Good protection offers:

  • Coverage for your restaurant building and limited coverage for newly acquired buildings
  • Coverage for restaurant furnishings and movable property
  • Premises liability/protection from lawsuits
  • Workers Compensation/coverage for injuries to employees

Westfield's extended protection provides:

  • Automatic seasonal increase in coverage for your restaurant’s busiest times of the year
  • Coverage for the fine art and decor that help make your atmosphere inviting to diners
  • Coverage for food contamination and spoilage
  • Coverage for credit card invoices
  • Protection for any interruption in your computer operations

To find the right insurance, reach out to your independent Westfield agent. Because they deal with hospitality coverage every day, they can anticipate your needs and help you find the insurance that fits your restaurant business.


Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we’ll be there. And now, so will your policy info.



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