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westfield signature insurance for medical laboratories

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That blood sample you’re handling? It could be the key to diagnosing someone’s diabetes, heart disease or determining the right medication for treating an illness. Doctors and patients rely on you to provide fast, accurate results. But what happens when something goes wrong? You should be able to depend on your medical laboratory insurance the way your clients count on you. 

Your Unique Risks

Because you play an important role in health care, you face unique challenges that can cost you time and money, including:

  • Car accidents while delivering specimens 
  • Accidentally releasing the wrong information or test results
  • Spills or not using the right procedures to dispose of biological waste
  • Samples being destroyed or contaminated because of equipment failure
  • Employees exposed to contaminants on the job
  • An outbreak of an infectious disease on your premises
  • Damage to rented or borrowed equipment
  • Damages to your facility due to a natural disaster 

At Westfield, we have years of experience working with medical labs. We understand the risks of your business and are ready to help when you need us.

We Have Your Back with Specialized Coverage

Every medical laboratory is different, and you deserve insurance coverage that’s flexible and personalized. 

Our coverages include:

  • Loss of R&D business income or documentation
  • Effects of bio-contamination
  • Communicable disease
  • Expenses related to emergency evacuations
  • Cleanup of hazardous medical or radioactive waste
  • Loss or damage to AED or mobile medical equipment, regardless of where it’s used
  • Loss or damage to prototypes

Bonus Business Advice

Running a diagnostic lab is difficult work. We respect what you do and want to support you. We are your business advocate. That’s why we also offer insights and risk control services designed to help you avoid problems or minimize their impact. 

Westfield Signature Insurance for Medical Laboratories

  • We offer the essential protection that you get from other insurance companies, plus extended coverage built especially for medical labs.  
  • When a loss happens, you can count on us. Because our claims team is in your neighborhood, we can act quickly to keep the doors open, protect your business and let you focus on your customers. 
  • Our roster of diagnostic labs is growing and we’re excited to continue expanding with new customers.

Here’s why Westfield Signature Insurance for Medical Laboratories is a better choice for your business:

Good protection offers:

  • Coverage for your buildings and limited coverage for newly acquired buildings
  • Premises and operations liability/protection from lawsuits
  • Workers Compensation/coverage for injuries to employees

Westfield's extended protection provides:

  • Coverage for loss caused by biocontamination
  • Coverage for loss of income due to interruption of research and development
  • Coverage for loss of prototypes
  • Coverage for emergency evacuation expenses
  • Coverage for cleanup of medical waste and radioactive material

Your independent Westfield agent can help you find the right insurance. Because they handle health care coverages every day, they can anticipate your needs and help you find insurance that fits your medical laboratory business.


Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we’ll be there. And now, so will your policy info.



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