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Contractor Insights


Where Do Your Vulnerabilities Lie?

Conquering Contractor Pain Points Through Business Insights

There’s room for improvement in any business. At first glance, what areas of your operation could use better structure, more protection, greater efficiency or increased safety?

While it’s easy to get comfortable in your day-to-day routine or focus your efforts on putting out fires, now is the time to challenge you and your employees to confront the risks your business is susceptible to. With these business insights and resources, you and your team of independent contractors can better prepare for the unexpected.

Learn How to Tackle Your Challenges

Explore a collection of resources designed to address the challenges of owning, operating or managing a small contractor business. Whether you’re an electrician, HVAC technician or plumber, these resources will help educate, train and prepare your team to stay safe and productive on the job.

Business insights by topic:

Business Management: Are your management practices as efficient as they could be? Discover new and improved ways of organizing and handling your processes.

Finance:  Do you know how to protect your business from financial risks, like inconsistent cash flow or fraud? Learn what proactive and protective measures you should be taking to protect your business and assets.

Innovation: Are you up to date with the latest technologies and practices in your industry? Learn more about the tools already available to help your business run efficiently.

Insurance: There may be gaps in your current coverage, without you even knowing it. Learn where your biggest vulnerabilities and risks lie and how to eliminate them through a specialized insurance program.

Safety: The safety precautions you are taking and the ones you should be taking don’t always line up. Prevent accidents before they happen with the right safety education, training and preventative measures.

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

Every business has its vulnerabilities, and contractors are no different. It’s important not to ignore the realities of owning a business, but rather acknowledge them to close the gaps.

Need help connecting with the right resource? Learn more about the risks associated with your contractor business or connect with a knowledgeable independent insurance agent.


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