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Better Protection for Your Business

The Daily Grind

Few folks have a better sense of what it means to put in a full day’s work more than contractors. You roll up your sleeves at the crack of dawn and keep grinding until the evening whistle sounds. This months-long commitment is what it takes to build something from scratch, upwards from the earth’s tilled soil, whether it be a single-room addition to a suburban home or installing new heating and air conditioning in a large commercial building.

Construction is a Big Deal at Westfield

At Westfield, we have a deep appreciation for the dedication of contractors—and construction is the largest segment of business we provide with insurance. As a result, these three products are geared specifically for you:

  1. Signature Series Artisan Contractors Program: Designed for small contractors
  2. Signature Series Contractors Program: Designed for mid to larger contractors
  3. Contractors Package: Our non-Signature Series policy for contractors

We Handle the Heavy Lifting

  • The difference in each of our Signature Series programs is based on coverage and price.
  • Each of our offerings for contractors is intuitively designed to meet the challenges and potential hazards you face in your business.
  • We can do this at a fair price because of our exclusive underwriting process that packages protection to better address the risks specific to construction.
  • We call this the Westfield Signature Series® of Insurance. Unique to Westfield, it provides specially made coverage for contractors. 

Westfield’s Signature Insurance for Contractors

  • We offer the essential protection you can get from other insurance companies, plus extended coverage built especially for the construction market.
  • When a loss happens, you can count on us. Because our claims team is in your neighborhood, we can act quickly to keep the doors open, protect your business and let you focus on your customers.

Find the Right Contractor’s Insurance Coverage For Your Business

Accidents and mishaps can happen to anyone, and common risks don’t discriminate against large, mid-sized or small businesses. Whether you’re an electrician, HVAC technician or plumber running a small business, you face a unique set of exposures that require insurance coverage specific to your industry.

Do you know what coverages you’re required to carry for your industry? What about coverage for part-time or seasonal employees? Did you know that you can implement loss control measures to reduce risks and lower insurance costs?

Whether you’re starting a business or reviewing your insurance program, it’s important you understand how insurance can help protect you, your employees and business from unnecessary loss.

Here’s why Westfield’s Signature Insurance for Contractors is a better choice for your business:

Good Protection Offers:

  • Commercial auto coverage for vehicles driven to job sites
  • Coverage for your buildings and limited coverage for newly acquired buildings
  • Premises and operations liability/protection from lawsuits
  • Workers Compensation/coverage for injuries to employees

Extended Protection Provides:

  • Coverage for damage to borrowed equipment
  • Coverage for employees’ tools
  • Primary and non-contributory language, included in Signature Series programs only
  • Waiver of Subrogation

Hey Tin Tapper. Whether you’re an air conditioning/heating mechanic or a commercial HVAC specialist, you know how tricky your job can be.

Have you ever had a close call—maybe almost fallen through someone’s attic? Or have you filed a claim only to find you didn’t have the right coverage? If so, it surely made you realize how important a good insurance plan, agent and company are to your business. We’re that company. We have that insurance. And we’re glad you found us. Welcome to Westfield!

HVAC Insurance That Has Your Back

You’re a business owner. That means you take protecting your company, crew and equipment as seriously as you take passing compliance inspections. To make sure you’re in the clear, you know you need the right insurance.

At Westfield, you’ll find insurance programs customized for HVAC technicians just like you:

  • Do you always safely handle refrigerants and other hazardous materials on the job site?
  • Can you pay for repairs due to faulty part installation?
  • Is your crew’s work van properly insured? (…for when they scrape past a client’s mailbox?)
  • Does everyone wear personal protective equipment… that properly fits?
  • Do you follow proper hot work protocols every time you light up your torch?
  • Can you honestly say that in all your years as an HVAC technician, you’ve never fallen off a ladder? (Be honest!)

Don’t find yourself out in the cold—unprotected and underinsured. From the moment you leave for work, you’ve entered a world of chill-inducing situations. Get the information you need to make smart insurance decisions for your business from our risk and claims experts.

Westfield’s Hot for HVAC Coverage

Not sure which is right for you? Don’t sweat it! Westfield Insurance agents understand your needs. In an industry where HVAC work happens at all hours of the day and night, you just don’t have time to fool with dissecting insurance plan coverage. So don’t - call a Westfield agent. Westfield offers insurance products for HVAC technicians just like you, we know your industry (and can talk about it), and we respect your time.

Hey Sparky. You might often deal with burns and shocks from bad or live wires. Don’t get jolted by your insurance coverage, too.

Is your business growing? Or maybe you’ve had a close call (electrical fires... not on your watch!) and realized that you need better insurance. Haven’t heard from your agent in awhile? However you got here, we’re glad you found us. Welcome to Westfield!

Electricians Insurance to Cover Your Assets

Whether you’re a journeyman or master electrician, you know the risks of your industry. That’s why it is important to carry insurance coverage created with electricians in mind. Westfield has it. We know the risks and can help you best assess them to get the insurance protection you need.

Risks are everywhere. Just stop for a second and think:

  • Does your team wear protective equipment like arc flash clothing, goggles, safety harnesses and lifelines?
  • What safety measures do you have in place to guard against hazardous materials like lead, mold, fungi and solvents?
  • When working in public, how do you prevent against theft?
  • Does your shop even have a working smoke alarm?
  • What have you done to protect your major equipment and installation materials?
  • If a crewman is injured on the job, do you have the money to pay for his bills? And are you even compliant with the state’s Workers’ Compensation laws?

Our Agents Know Electrical

Westfield Insurance agents have seen a lot: from blown fuses and charred cabinets to fried wires and burns galore. Electrical accidents just happen ― no matter how good you and your crew are. Our insurance products are built with electricians as the focus. We know your needs, your risks, your industry, and how to best protect you.

Hey Drain Surgeon. Don’t find yourself under water—literally—unprotected and underinsured.

Is your business growing? Or maybe you’ve had a close call (flooded basements... yikes!) Has it been awhile since you’ve heard from your agent or insurance carrier? It’s important that you have insurance coverage created with plumbers in mind—we know the risks and can help you best assess them. Welcome to Westfield!

Plumbers Insurance That Has Your Back

You know your business - Westfield knows how to protect your assets, employees and yourself. We offer insurance programs for plumbers that are customized for contractors just like you to cover your specific property and liability exposures:

Based on the size and type of business and company assets, a Westfield agent can help you determine which plan package works best for you.

Risks for plumbers are all over the place. Stop and think:

  • Do you work from home? Is your home covered in case of an incident?
  • Do you have fleet coverage for your work trucks?
  • Does your crew wear protective equipment?
  • Do you know the most recent OSHA recommendations for trenching?
  • When you work in a public area, do you track tools and equipment to help prevent theft?
  • Do you put up signs or barricades to prevent people from slipping and falling in and around?

Working With Agents Not Afraid to Get Neck-Deep

Based on the size and type of business and company assets, a Westfield agent can help you determine which plan package works best for you. Westfield Insurance agents understand your needs. In an industry where plumbers work all hours, you literally don’t have time to deal with complex business insurance. That’s why we offer insurance products for plumbers just like you. From the moment you speak to a Westfield agent, you’ll know you are speaking with someone familiar with your industry, someone who speaks your language, and someone who values your time.


Wherever you are and whenever you need us, we’ll be there. And now, so will your policy info.


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