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Westfield Signature Series®

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Westfield Commercial Insurance

No matter what size business you own, you need the right protection to meet your specific needs. At Westfield, we understand the challenges of running a business and the coverages required to safeguard your operations, employees and investments. We take pride in our extensive selection of insurance products, risk services and knowledgeable agents who are specially trained to help determine the proper protection for you.

Regardless of the industry, your business has its own unique insurance needs. In addition to standard coverages like business auto, general liability, property, umbrella and workers' compensation; Westfield offers special protection for your business through our Westfield Signature Series®—optional bundled coverages designed to safeguard parts of your organization that aren’t typically protected by traditional policies.

Let one of our independent agents help you decide what types of industry-specific coverages your business requires, including:

  • Contractors: Small (artisan) and large contractors have different insurance needs. That’s why we have different limits and specialty coverages based on the size of your business, such as property in transit, theft damage to unowned buildings and property in your care. Why pay for insurance you don’t need!
  • Distributors: We have insurance to meet your varied needs, including coverage for building material dealers, food and beverage distributors, damage to your computers, property belonging to others and property in transit.
  • Health Care: To keep pace in the fast-changing health care industry, you need an insurance partner who understands the potential risks that medical businesses like yours face each and every day. Westfield offers customized coverages for: 
    • Medical Offices: Different medical offices have different insurance needs. Westfield offers options for a full range of medical businesses.
    • Medical Diagnostic Laboratories: Medical diagnostic labs face unique risks. Westfield provides specialized coverages, including cleanup of hazardous medical or radioactive waste; and loss of R&D business income or documentation.
    • Outpatient Care Centers: As more patients bypass hospitals to walk through the doors of your outpatient care center, you need an insurance partner who understands the associated risks.
  • Hospitality: Because we own and operate a hotel, two golf courses, a country club, a banquet hall and several restaurants, we know the types of coverages needed for hospitality facilities.
    • Golf Courses: Our enhanced insurance includes coverage for damage to your customers’ cars; damage to putting greens, fairways and tee boxes; and injuries caused by errant golf balls.
    • Hotels: We provide customized coverages to ensure that your business, employees and guests are protected from loss.
    • Restaurant: Our exclusive underwriting process packages restaurant insurance that’s intuitively designed to meet the challenges and potential hazards you face.
  • Manufacturing: Insurance specifically designed to protect manufacturers of food and beverages, wood, plastic, concrete, metal goods and machine shops. In addition, we cover property in your care; damage to patterns, molds and dies; and employee theft.
  • Real Estate: A combination of coverages developed for businesses, including condos and offices, that focus on leasing commercial properties to others. Coverage includes costs incurred to regain customers after a loss, displaced business income from contractual penalties and emergency vacating expenses. Real Estate also includes condominium associations and commercial condominium unit-owners.

Getting Started

We think the best experience comes from working with a real, live person. Our trained, knowledgeable agents are ready to connect with you. Use our online tool to find an agent near you. Make a call or send an e-mail to start your customized quote.


Independent Westfield agents are ready to help you understand your risks and find the coverage you need. Use our online tool to find an agent near you today.



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