Equipment Breakdown Insurance

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage for the Equipment You Seriously Love

One of the most overlooked insurance coverages that protects what you depend on most is Equipment Breakdown Coverage.

Let’s get real...

Your equipment is your lifeline. It’s what you use every day to get the job done. You rely on it - depend on it - and give it the upmost care. But no matter how much you baby it, even well-maintained equipment sometimes breaks down.

Nice Try, I Don’t Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Coverage is not a warranty program. There are many common scenarios that small business owners find themselves in where they didn’t have proper coverage and they paid the ultimate price.

Can you afford the bill on these expensive equipment repairs?

“I have a manufacturer's warranty on my equipment. Why do I need equipment breakdown insurance?”

Because what most small business owners don’t consider is that warranties only cover limited timeframes—usually a year or less—and they exclude any damage that is at the fault of the operator.
So that new guy you hired that tells you to “relax” because he knows how to use power tools? Yeah – he may be the reason you need this coverage!

“I don’t have tons of expensive equipment. Do I really need to insure my equipment with this extra coverage?”

Think bigger! Equipment Breakdown Coverage can include all types of equipment that you use on a daily basis, no matter how much it costs or whether you use it on a job site or in your office. From generator failure and motor burnouts, to electrical surges and faulty circuits, protect yourself from the losses caused by equipment that goes down.

"What are some equipment breakdown coverage examples?”

Blueprint machines, computers, office printers, a/c compressors, boilers and generators—just to name a few. These devices are connected to power sources and use electricity, so they are susceptible to equipment breakdowns. Repairs to these types of equipment can cost upwards of $40,000, which is more than enough to bring day-to-day operating abilities of many businesses to a grinding halt.

A Breakdown of What Your Breakdown Coverage Gets You

Equipment Breakdown Coverage usually covers the following:

  • The cost to replace or repair the insured equipment
  • Loss of business income due to business interruption
  • Reimbursement of reasonable expenses

Think bigger when it comes to your coverage. Can you work without power to your office? Probably not. Equipment Breakdown Coverage is part of the complete package of insurance coverage that helps keep your business thriving.

Working with Westfield for Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Westfield Insurance agents get small business owners. When recommending Equipment Breakdown Insurance for you and your business, we speak from years of working with contractors. From the moment you speak to a Westfield agent, you’ll know you are speaking with someone familiar with your industry, someone who speaks your language, and someone who values your time.