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Workspace Optimization on a Budget

Workspace optimization begins with observing the conditions employees prefer to work under, and understanding how these conditions impact productivity. Here are a few budget-friendly ways to transform your work area.

A study published in Harvard Business Review indicates that employees are happiest when they can choose where they work. The same study indicated that 41 percent of technology employees report being more productive because they can choose where they work throughout the day. Flexible seating arrangements can support workspace optimization.

Simple, inexpensive changes like switching from harsh overhead lighting to softer energy-efficient bulbs, adding green plants to improve office air quality and creating soft seating areas can have a big impact.

According to The OFFICAIR Study, reducing the noise level within a building also results in better occupant satisfaction.

Environmentally certified (green) buildings have been found to increase the level of employee wellness and productivity, according to a study published in the journal Building Research & Information.

Consider ergonomics when optimizing work areas. Offering a few stand-up workstations, carpeting in highly-trafficked areas and floor mats to reduce back strain can go a long way.