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Why Social Media Usage is So Important to Your Small Business

If social media seems like a burden to you, consider this: 81 percent of the U.S. population has at least one social media account. With social media usage being so widespread, it's an unspoken expectation that small business owners in the home improvement arena are on social media, too. And of the small business owners who use it, 92 percent feel that it's important. Here are three reasons why.


Social media allows you to start conversations with people you might not reach otherwise, and 33 percent of millennials prefer it as a channel for communicating with businesses. Use this opportunity to provide your audience with interesting pictures, intriguing information and tempting discounts on your services, as well as answers to their questions or concerns.


Show off your skills and knowledge by delivering tips, DIY fixes and unsolicited product reviews. For one thing, sharing the tricks of your trade will earn you likes, shares and comments — which is vital, given that over half of users think more highly of a business with positive comments. But just as importantly, it confirms your reputation as an expert.


92 percent of customers trust endorsements from people they know. Your own advertising just can't compete. But if your social media usage shows you to be an active, responsive and knowledgeable tradesperson, you're increasing the odds that customers will want to share your content and reputation with their friends, family and networks.