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Why Dash Cams Are a Smart Addition to Business Vehicles

Every time a vehicle leaves your garage, there are a million things that could go wrong. When there's an accident, damage or dispute, it's often impossible to get the full story. As a result, many businesses today are installing dash cams, which can provide valuable video proof when it's needed most.

A dash cam is a small digital video camera mounted on an automobile's dashboard that can record what goes on inside or outside a vehicle — whether the engine is running or not.

Here are some ways that dash cams in your fleet can help improve safety, lower your costs, and protect your drivers.

Support Accident Claims

Things happen fast in an accident, and no driver can be expected to recall every detail with total accuracy. A real-time record benefits all the parties by capturing the event with precision. In addition to photographs, most insurance carriers now accept dash-cam footage to assist them in determining a claim.

Curb Rising Premiums

Although American insurance companies do not currently offer a dash-cam discount on premiums, these new cameras can still be used to curb insurance costs. Dash cams are increasingly being used to provide insurers with additional information about accidents, traffic violations, and driving habits.

Discourage Distracted Driving

Despite proper training and your well-intentioned efforts, it's hard to stop drivers from talking and texting while behind the wheel. But what if you could have your eye on them while they drive? Some dash cams can do just that.

Inward-facing cameras may not only catch bad actors, but they may also positively influence the job performance of the rest of your fleet. As distracted driving diminishes, so may your accidents, traffic infractions and ultimately your auto insurance premiums.

Fight Insurance Fraud

The next time someone tries to blame you for an accident that wasn't your fault, you could easily settle the dispute with hard evidence. Dash cam videos are an effective way to protect your fleet against many types of insurance fraud, including "crash for cash" scams.

Document Theft and Vandalism

Dash cams can also detect and deter thieves and vandals.

These new mounted cameras can be placed on a standby setting that begins recording only when there is motion in or around your vehicle. After discovering a new dent or scratch, you can review footage to learn how the damage was actually done.

Supporting insurance claims, reducing insurance costs, improving performance — these are among the reasons that these mounted cameras for business vehicles could be a smart investment.