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What Makes a Great Customer Experience?

Woman handing a cake to a customer in a bakery
A 2016 Forrester report finds that 40 percent of consumers will take their business elsewhere based on one bad customer experience, with another 25 percent more likely to do so. This means everyone in your business must understand your definition of what makes a great customer experience. That'll take effective communication, effective documentation, realistic expectations and, of course, knowing your customers' needs. Here are some considerations to drive positive and memorable customer experiences:

Respond Promptly

A recent Consumer Reports survey finds that 75 percent of Americans say their biggest gripe with customer service is being unable to reach a live person on the phone. Get ahead by keeping those communication lines open — be it by phone, email, or in person. Be clear, accessible, relevant and timely. This applies to your workers as well.

Nurture Relationships

Following up is essential. Going that extra mile may mean a referral or repeat business. Consider a customer survey so you can collect data and testimonials to display on your website and share with prospects.

Understand Customer Needs

Practice behavior that sets realistic expectations. You must know exactly what customers expect of you, and your customers must know exactly what you will deliver before starting the job. This requires clear and consistent communication and will help you avoid unnecessary backtracking down the line.
What makes a great customer experience? Follow these three tips to help drive repeat business with satisfied clients.