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Top Plumbing Trends

Stay Ahead of the Flow

Top Plumbing Trends: What Today’s Plumbing Contractor Should Know

As a plumbing professional, one of the most important aspects of your job is to stay in the know about new solutions, tech or advancements in your field. Becoming the know-it-all in the plumbing sector not only positions your business as an industry leader, but can also create more business for you and establish customer loyalty.

To give you a head start, we’ve highlighted what’s trending in the plumbing industry this year to help you prioritize which technologies your business should invest in learning.

Appliances and Processes are Going Green
“Going green” is no longer just a buzz-worthy phrase. Recent studies show that approximately 47 percent of plumbing retailers have had customers actively seeking green products for their plumbing systems. As it turns out, energy efficient solutions have a positive impact on the environment, as well as utility bills for customers.

In fact, energy-efficient models of toilets, sinks, dishwashers and more have been proven to actually lower utility bills—a major selling point for both residential and commercial customers.

One specific example of technology that conserves water while also boosting energy efficient is a greywater system. These systems take the water leftover from bathroom sinks, showers, washing machines and more, and use it for other purposes. A greywater system does not use water that has come into contact with dangerous or contaminated liquids. In order to install a greywater recycling system, a plumber is needed, thereby boosting demand for contractors like you.

Plumbing Appliances are Getting Smarter

To aid in implementing these energy efficient solutions, many consumers are seeking automated, or “smart” appliances. Plumbers who are familiar with installing smart tools will likely find themselves in high demand.

Now, they are automated versions of common household appliances like dishwashers, sprinkler systems, water heaters, toilets, washing machines and more. These tools enable the user to control nearly everything down to the temperature and water conservation mode for each cycle. And, many of these appliances now have the ability to sync directly to the user’s smartphone, which enables them to see what’s running and adjust settings from virtually anywhere.

While these appliances may be costlier than traditional options, it’s a price many consumers are willing to pay. In fact, the home automation market is expected to reach more than $78 billion by the year 2022. This may also present an opportunity for your contracting business to add a slight upcharge when installing or repairing these devices as the demand grows.

Innovation and Health Go Hand in Hand
As consumers become more aware of the health benefits of filtered tap water and the importance of maintaining good hygiene in the bathroom, the demand for innovative plumbing solutions is growing. It’s now necessary for plumbers to familiarize themselves with innovative appliances like self-flushing touchless toilets and sinks, water softeners and filters, and home water treatment systems.

Plumbers will also need to become the experts in pipe renewal systems, as aged pipes become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria buildup. In some cases, outdated pipe systems have been linked to Legionella outbreaks, which can become fatal for humans.

It’s important for your business to not only market the innovative solutions for common household appliances, but also the solutions you provide for internal piping for better water safety.