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The Surprising Truth About Falls

Wooden ladder up a tree
Falls are a real risk, especially on construction sites. Here are five facts that might surprise you and tips to prevent falls in the first place.

1. Falls are the number one cause of death in construction.

Many falls are preventable and occur because of unnecessary risks. Conduct a site survey and eliminate all conceivable hazards where possible. Then write down a comprehensive plan to prevent and protect workers from unavoidable risks.

2. In 2015, 350 fatalities occurred from falls.

Lower this stat by providing workers with training, supervision, and the right safety equipment.

3. Workers aged 45 to 54 are most likely to die.

Ensure all employees are trained to properly inspect their equipment, recognize hazards and use safety gear, regardless of age or experience. Have a rehearsed rescue plan in place.

4. Almost 25 percent of fatal falls occur from ladders.

If you have to use ladders, make sure your workers are using the right ladder for the job. Also, ladders must be secure and the "three points of contact" rule must be followed.

5. More than one-third of fatal falls are from 15 feet or less.

If a worker can fall six feet or more, then fall protection is necessary. Ensure each worker has personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), along with other safety gear, and the correct ladder or scaffolding for the job.

Learn more about preventing falls at OSHA.gov/stopfalls.