project management tools: what to look (and look out) for


You need a project dashboard for your team, but aren't sure what to use? There are many popular project management tools to choose from, each with benefits and drawbacks. We've broken down the key pros and cons to consider.

Pro: Customization
The best tools allow you to make workspaces, projects, sections, tasks and subtasks your own. Divide tasks up in a way that makes sense for you — this might include keeping tabs on status reports or bug tracking.

Con: Limited Delegation
Look out for tools that only allow you to assign tasks to one staff member at a time, rather than creating larger groups.

Pro: 10,000-Foot View
Tools that offer easy-to-navigate boards (and menus that provide the information you need at-a-glance) can help you keep an eye on the overall health of a project.

Con: Overwhelming Offerings
Look out for crowded layouts, as this will make things much harder to find. Simplicity is key.

Project management tools can offer big features (and small frustrations) to help you handle your workload. Many programs offer free trials, so dig in to see what works and choose the one that suits how you do business.