Prepare Don't Scare - the Facts Around COVID-19 and Your Business


There is a great deal of information in the media on COVID-19. It is key for employers to have current and accurate information from a reliable source to make informed and responsive decisions.

In a recent webinar hosted by the National Safety Council (NSC), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Deputy Incident Manager Ian Williams, PhD shared practical information to allow employers to prepare. To view the full webinar (42 min.), please click here.

Key points of the webinar include:

  • A  safety leadership perspective;
  • Prepare, don't scare, by understanding risk based on facts;
  • It's not yet known how long the virus may persist,  so preparedness and business continuity is key;
  • The current containment measures are intended to slow the spread and to give time to prepare treatments and vaccines for the most vulnerable; and
  • There are a number of resources offered by the CDC, NSC and OSHA free of charge out of interest for public safety and health.  To help support business decisions, here is the direct link to the resources provided by the CDC, NSC and OSHA.