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Leverage Home Improvement Market Trends by Focusing On These 4 Areas

A tray of paint with a paint roller sitting in it, alongside a different colored can of paint with a paintbrush resting on the lid
Home improvement trends show a 60 percent increase in spending year-over-year, with millennials and baby boomers leading the way with an average of $5,000 spent on projects. Here are four ways you can tap into this lucrative market.



Facebook is known to have the most engaged audience so leverage the site to connect with customers. According to Fluent, 43 percent of millennials use Facebook more than other social-media outlets, and DMN3 says 82 percent of baby boomers use Facebook: The two generations spending the most on home-improvement projects.



Blogging is an excellent choice for small-business contractors to connect because it's budget friendly and, according to Content Marketing Institute, it generates more than three times the leads compared to other marketing. Hubspot says 43 percent of people skim blog posts and if you publish 16 posts per month, you'll get three times more traffic compared to other businesses without blogs.



Building an email list is one of the best ways to leverage home improvement market trends. According to Hubspot, 86 percent of customers want to receive promotional emails and Fluent says 68 percent of millennials claim email marketing impacted their purchase decisions.


Mobile Friendly

Everyone uses smartphones so you need to have a good user experience on your website. According to Hubspot, consumers access the internet via smartphone 33 percent of the time and 7 out of 8 millennials own a smartphone according to Fluent.