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How to Increase Sales in 8 Easy Steps

Learning how to increase sales doesn't have to be hard. Here are eight simple strategies to increase demand for your services and get your sales growing.

1. Tune Up Your Appearance

Customers are quick to judge your expertise on how you look. Even though you might have spent your day swinging a hammer or getting covered in dust, don't present that image when first meeting customers. You won't get a second chance to make that first impression. Be sure you appear clean, with good hygiene and unstained clothes to project a professional appearance.

2. Smile and Be Happy

Everyone prefers to deal with friendly people. Smiling shows happiness, friendliness and politeness. And this tells customers that you're approachable. Smiling also keeps your customers relaxed during what can be a stressful or intimidating process.

3. Listen and Let Your Client Talk

Listening is key to providing your customers with what they want. Listen without interrupting, so your customers can finish their thoughts. This allows you to gather all the details of the project, address any concerns and make specific suggestions. It also helps create good chemistry and helps you start the relationship on the right foot.

4. Provide a Credibility Book

Put together a binder with pictures of past jobs, referral letters and references. Make sure to show examples that are similar to what your customer wants. Confirm that they can contact past customers to vet you. You can also make your clients feel more comfortable and confident by telling stories of past customer successes.

5. Put Numbers Together On the Spot

Nothing frustrates clients more than a contractor who comes into their homes and takes down a bunch of information, never to be heard from again. Based on all of the information you've gathered by letting your customer talk, give them an initial price range. Explain that you will provide a complete estimate after they've picked out fixtures, materials and other items and after each subcontractor has given you their own price.

6. Follow Up

If your customers still aren't sure about what they want, ask them when they will make their decision. Then agree to contact them at a set date. This way you're not a pest, and they don't feel rushed to make a decision. Following up as promised shows them you're thoughtful and reliable.

7. Have a Pre-Qualification Process

This can simply be a short phone call. It allows both you and the customer to determine if you're a good fit for each other. Find out if your customer has realistic expectations for their project's timeline and costs. Are they actually in a position to start? This will keep you from wasting time chasing the wrong customers.

8. Use Your Business Card

Think of all the people you come into contact with during your weekly routine, from your hair stylist to the waiter at your favorite restaurant and even your children's teachers. Increasing sales can be as easy as passing out your business card more often. Doing this small act lets people know what services you offer. Then, when they need those services, they just might call someone they already know.

Mastering the science of how to increase sales is an integral part of growing a business. Take advantage of these eight strategies, and watch those numbers grow.