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Employee Appreciation

Small contractors work long, hard hours. Finding and retaining valuable employees willing to endure the demands of the job isn't easy, so you need to do everything you can to keep the hard-working employees that you have. Here are five ways to show employee appreciation and create a positive employee experience throughout the entire year.

1. Acknowledge Positive Behaviors

Simple recognition of your employees' positive actions will reinforce their good habits. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • Tell them you appreciate their punctuality and getting to work on time.
  • Compliment an employee on a job well done, and be specific about the details.
  • Recognize their efforts on those hot, miserable long days when you know they're exhausted by lunchtime.
  • Show appreciation when they catch a mistake before it snowballs.

These simple statements will resonate, give credit where credit is due and let employees know that their work is visible and valued.

2. Celebrate Success With Food

Construction work is tiring. Your employees are often covered in dust and dirt, with sore feet and worn-out knees, yet they show up and work long days to get the work done. Surprise your team with some food and drinks from time to time. You can celebrate with the usual coffee and donuts or pizza, go for ice cream, bring in a local food truck or even have a cookout on the job. The important thing is to acknowledge the team's efforts in successfully completing a project.

3. Host Family Events

It's important to connect with your employees on a personal level. One of the best ways to do this is to get to know their families, which gives you a deeper understanding of what motivates each employee in daily life. Some fun, easy activities might include a cookout or a day at a local amusement park.

4. Formally Recognize Service

An excellent time to do this is around the holidays, but it doesn't have to be a formal event. Workers in plumbing, HVAC or construction typically prefer a more relaxed environment, but they still deserve to be recognized among their peers for their dedication. So make sure that you officially recognize your employees with tangible awards as well as publicly thanking them at a morning meeting for their hard work and service. This will go so much further than just randomly providing a service award. Public recognition is often worth more than the actual award itself.

5. Incorporate Employee Appreciation Into Your Benefits

Let new hires know right from the beginning all the perks they get from working at your company. Let them know that employee appreciation isn't something you celebrate just once a year, but that you're grateful for the hard work that they do and you show your appreciation all year round. Some things you could include in your benefits package are:

  • Discounts at certain stores.
  • The chance to earn more paid time off and bonuses by working more during times of higher demand.
  • Flexibility in start and end times to each day.

Employees want to know that they matter and that you care. Showing your gratitude towards your employees doesn't have to be a challenge, and it will further motivate them to do a job well done. End result? Success for your team and your business.