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Business-Process Documentation - The Top 3 Reasons to Go Digital

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On the fence about digital business-process documentation? Here are the top 3 reasons to convert from paper to digital and then recycle your forms.

Save Money

The average business spends 1% to 3% of revenue on office printing. It also takes up space to store your files, which means leasing more space. Digital business-process documentation cuts out these extra costs.

Theft/Disaster Protection

43% of businesses go out of business immediately after a major loss of their records. What happens if your paper records are destroyed in a flood or fire? Or key customer/business information is lost after a break-in? A digital system provides a secure backup.

Higher Productivity

91% of employees spend 30 minutes or more a day creating paper reports. It costs $122 in labor costs to find a misplaced document. Going digital makes it easier to file and find your business documents.