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Benefits of touchless plumbing

To touch or not to touch?

This is the question every time we enter a restroom. Much of the focus on restrooms is the issue of hygiene. Faucets and flushers are some of the most touched areas in a bathroom, and they are handled before someone washes their hands. This makes them a prime spot for bacteria.

Restroom upgrades, including touchless plumbing fixtures, can reduce the spread of illness and lower costs. Here are several benefits and how these features can give your plumbing business a competitive edge.

What is Touchless Plumbing?
Touchless plumbing is any sort of plumbing fixture that doesn’t require the user to manually turn it on. Faucets and flushers have built in sensors that detect when a user is near, automatically turning water off and on.

Benefits of Touchless Plumbing
We’ve seen touchless plumbing in public restrooms, but it is also becoming popular in residential homes. These advanced fixtures are a great way to increase consumer demand for your plumbing services. Here are several appealing consumer benefits of touchless plumbing fixtures:

Why Go Touchless?

Touchless plumbing fixtures have transformed how people use water. With benefits of convenience and cleanliness, they are appealing to many businesses and homeowners. Because touchless faucets are more advanced, they also are more expensive to install (typically start at $150). This is good for business and serves as an upsell opportunity.

If you want your plumbing business to have a competitive edge and appeal to consumers, then you should include touchless plumbing fixtures in your offerings.