assessing your small business technology needs


Integrated apps that streamline processes and operations can effectively address many small business technology needs. However, a nationwide survey of 300 small business owners found that almost two-thirds of respondents run their business with just two apps (or fewer).

The survey also revealed that 44% of SMBs store valuable customer data in email and 41% do so in spreadsheets.

Consider these three steps for addressing your small business technology needs:

1. Assess your current tech and identify future requirements. Put a high priority on these elements:

  • A high-quality, user-friendly experience
  • Accessing digital solutions through cloud-based resources
  • Scaling technology for future growth

2.  Aim for better systems integration. Experts contend that "tighter systems integration" pays off in big ways:

  • More precise management data
  • Reduced expenses by not having to maintain separate, costly systems
  • Improved customer satisfaction

3.  Plan for future technology growth. Outmoded processes may be holding you back from competing with "the big guys." Instead, explore the use of:

  • Automation software that can streamline operational processes
  • Communications technology and project management software that supports a flexible workforce
  • Low-cost business intelligence software

With the right resources, you can meet your small business technology needs.