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3 Qualities Your Small-Business Attorney Must Have

2 people in business suits sitting across a table shaking hands
One out of three small-business owners have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit. Fifty-two percent of all civil lawsuits target small businesses.

It costs on average $54,000 to resolve a business liability lawsuit. Can your business afford that?

If you're waiting until you're in legal trouble to contact a small-business attorney, you're already late. You should meet with an attorney now to keep your business safe.

A quality small-business attorney should have these qualities:

Experience — Lawyers specialize in different fields, so look for a expert on small business law. Get references from other clients in your industry.

Availability — How often will you speak with your lawyer? Is their office easy to get to from your business? Your attorney needs to be available in case of emergency.

Affordable fees — Small-business attorneys charge between $150 to moe than $1,000 an hour depending on their experience and location. Get quotes from several local small-business attorneys to see the going rate in your area.