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3 Contractor Project Management Tips for Time Starved Tradesmen

After years of hard work, your contractor project management career is likely blossoming. But while you juggle multiple jobs, it often becomes more difficult to make a dent in your to-do list.

Since you can't clone yourself, take back your life with these productivity tips.

1.) Be an Organizer-In-Chief

Your hands may be dirty most days, but that doesn't mean your office should be, too. An organizational overhaul can help improve your efficiency. Once you tackle the clutter, try using an online calendar to prioritize routine tasks.

2.) Take Advantage of Technology Hacks

Technology shapes how we work. Today, Americans can complete more in 15 minutes than what their grandparents could in an hour or more in 1947, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From time management apps to digital sales assistants, technology hacks can streamline any contractor project management job.

3.) Learn When to Disconnect

Since everybody's batteries can occasionally get fried, downtime is a must. Ultimately, you are more productive if you know when it's time to take a short break, turn off your phone or even hit the gym.