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Updated 10/10/18 10:42 am

Westfield Insurance customers who have received storm damage can file a claim by calling 800.243.0210, option 3. We’re available 24/7 and ready to help.

Members of Westfield’s Catastrophe Teams are being deployed as needed. 

Dedicated Catastrophe Team

A large storm can devastate a community. At a time when individuals, families and businesses need help most, the sheer number of losses also stretches the ability of insurance companies to respond.

At the first sign of threatening weather conditions, our claims catastrophe team is put on alert. When the call goes out, we rush to the scene. Westfield is always among the first to arrive and get about the work of helping our customers recover.

When our team hits the ground, we take a proactive approach. By identifying neighborhoods that are impacted the hardest, we are often able to reach out to customers even before they report their claims. By settling claims quickly, our customers are among the first to schedule and complete their repairs.

The Five-Step Plan to Prepare for a Severe Weather Event

Hurricane season, tornadoes, flooding can be a nerve-racking time for everyone involved. Preparedness is essential for dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of any severe weather event and you can never be too prepared. Do you have an evacuation plan? Is your home or business prepared to weather the storm? What would you take with you?

With preparation and practice, you and your loved ones will keep peace of mind and stand the best chance of getting out with what you and your family need.

This five-step plan from the Insurance Information Institute can help get you and your family on the road to safety. Protect your property with these tips for your home or business.

If you are in the direct path of a storm, keep an eye on the forecast. Know the difference between a watch and warning and what to expect as severe weather moves towards your area.

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How to prepare for hurricane season

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Include your pet in evacuation and disaster planning

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