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Consent to Proceed Electronically

Westfield Careers - Consent to Proceed Electronically

Using your internet browser, you will be able to complete, review, sign and print documents that you complete through this on-line application process. You only need a computer with internet access and a compatible browser (Click for Browser & Cookie Information) to use the electronic process. If you have trouble with this process or you need an accommodation, please email HR Assist hrassist@westfieldgrp.com or call 1.800.552.9139.

Before Ohio Farmers Insurance Company and its employing subsidiaries (collectively “Westfield” or “us”) can accept your electronic signature for applications, personnel documents, and agreements related to your prospective employment or employment, you must acknowledge that you have read and understood and agree to all of the following by clicking on the “save and continue” button:

  1. You are agreeing to complete the application process electronically and, if applicable, the onboarding process, as well.
  2. You are agreeing to proceed with using your electronic signature to sign applications, personnel related documents and agreements and you realize this process affects substantial personal rights.
  3. Your electronic signature will consist of your click of the “save and continue” button or your typed name and unique password (as applicable).
  4. Your electronic signature is the equivalent of a manual signature and you agree that Westfield may rely on it as such in connection with any and all agreements that you may enter into with us and any documents you electronically sign.
  5. You have read and agree with the Privacy Promise (Click for Westfield Careers Privacy Promise) adopted by Westfield.
  6. You must keep your login information confidential.
  7. You may not execute a document with an electronic signature of someone other than yourself.
  8. If any person known to you (whether a family member, member of your household, or other) uses your password or misappropriates any security device connected with your Westfield login/email/electronic signature account, Westfield shall have the right to treat all resulting electronic signatures as though they were affixed by you.
  9. Your responses to all questions throughout the electronic process will be recorded and made part of your electronically signed documents and/or employment records.
  10. You have the option to complete this process using the traditional paper and signature process. You must contact HR Assist by email hrassist@westfieldgrp.comor call 1.800.552.9139 if you wish to sign your documents and agreements in ink. Please note, if you elect to utilize the traditional paper and signature process, it will slow the speed at which we can complete certain steps in the prospective employment or employment process because we will need to send the required notices and forms to you in paper format, and then wait until we receive the signed forms back from you.
  11. You can view/print electronically signed documents by accessing your account via the My Submissions link on the career site. You may request a paper copy of any documents you signed electronically by contacting HR Assist by email hrassist@westfieldgrp.com or call 1.800.552.9139.
  12. You will discontinue your use of the system and notify HR Assist by email hrassist@westfieldgrp.comor call 1.800.552.9139 if you wish to withdraw consent to use electronic signatures. If you withdraw your consent, any documents you electronically signed prior to Westfield receiving notification of your withdrawal will be considered validly executed and the withdrawal of your consent does not apply retroactively.
  13. You will immediately advise Westfield of any change in your contact information.
  14. You are the individual whose name appears on the account associated with this Consent and whose name is entered below. 

If you understand, accept and agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out above, then click on the “save and continue” button below and proceed to the next section of the application, personnel documents and agreements process. You understand that your clicking “save and continue” will be recorded as your electronic signature and will be relied upon by Westfield to the same extent as if you had signed this consent in ink. If you do not understand or accept or agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out above, then click “quit” and you will exit this process.