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Championing Progress

Helping our friends and neighbors during times of need is at the core of what we do here at Westfield. Disaster recovery is one of our key areas of giving.

Looking Toward Tomorrow

Ninety days after a disaster, when the volunteers and media have left and donations have dwindled, there are still years of work left ahead to rebuild and regain normalcy for the impacted community.

Westfield focuses on providing funding for the long-term through disaster recovery. We partner with nonprofits that help families in state of crisis or vulnerability return to the stability and security they enjoyed before the disaster happened.

We’re proud of our nonprofit partners, who are experts in their field. Their knowledge and expertise creates opportunities for the people they help:

Our disaster recovery partners

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Learn why disaster recovery is important to us.

Supporting Long-Term Recovery

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Westfield Giving Facts

  • Westfield Insurance Foundation, an endowed private foundation, annually donates $3 million.
  • Key areas for giving back to the community include family stability, disaster recovery and safety.
  • Westfield employees volunteer more than 3,000 hours, on company time, each year to our nonprofit partners.
  • $500,000 donated in 2017 to neighborhoods across the country through nominations from independent Westfield agents.
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