closing the gap: the power of content creation


The Power of Content Creation

Content is king, if you have been to any Insurance Conference lately, you’re probably sick of hearing this statement. But the truth is, it is true! On this episode of Closing the Gap, Michael Moreno, a New York City-based creative producer, industry-recognized podcaster, and content strategy consultant for businesses large and small, provides insight and solutions for creating content in the insurance industry.


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Get to Know Mike

As trained storytellers, Michael and his wife Cristin combine their 20+ years of producing, project management, and business building into Much More Media, helping business owners develop powerful content strategy to unlock the media empire already alive in their business and deliver their message to their ideal audience.

Now Much More Media has launched a Done-For-You podcasting service for Insurance Business Leaders looking to grab a hold of the digital market without wasting time. You can find it at, where you can also grab a free Social Media Guide for Insurance!