closing the gap: cyber tips to protect your agency


What is one of the largest threats to your business? Cyber-attacks continue to be on the rise and the largest target is small business! While large corporations will receive the headlines, cyber criminals will follow the path of least resistance. As corporations ramp up their defenses, small businesses are in the crosshairs of an attack, 65% of all attacks to be specific.

Kevin Baker sits down with Chris Cline in the latest episodes of “Closing the Gap” to discuss the importance of information security, how a breach can happen to your agency and what you can do to prevent it.

Information Security Line Item

If there is a hack and you are called into question by law enforcement or a government agency, you can quickly articulate that you spent $X on information security. Even small items can prove that you recognize and are attempting to mitigate the risk.

Contact a Security Firm

Even if you do not spend any money, make a connection with a firm so that if something does occur you know who to call.

Foundational information security does not need to be expensive. To learn more about how you can protect your agency, listen in to "Closing the Gap" with Kevin Baker available on your podcast player including iTunes® and Spotify®.