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Excellent podcast!
Chris does a phenomenal job hosting the Closing the Gap Podcast! The topics, guests and discussions are extremely insightful. I look forward to every episode and always come away with several takeaways to apply in everyday Insurance life. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for making Insurance fun and interesting!

Chris is a great podcast host!
Chris is a great podcast host! Terrific interviewer who ensures that those being interviewed look good, as opposed to trying to shine the spotlight on themselves. Prepared well for the interview with me and as a result, the conversation was smooth and flowing. Highly recommended!

This is well done. You discuss topics that are relevant to the whole industry. Very easy to understand and provides great tips. Insurance industry is making a huge shift so thanks for keeping us all informed and working for the right thing. Keep them coming!

Well Received
Your podcasts are being well received in our office. I was encouraged to tune in by another member and I’m glad I did. Keep up the great work. Thank you for doing the podcast!

Can We Work Together?
Great stuff and would love to work with a company like yours. Rob was great on the social media podcast.

The Best
I’m not just saying this because I was guest, but Closing the Gap is in my top 10% of podcasts when it comes to quality of content and flow.

Great Podcast
I listened to the podcast with Whitnee Dillard and LOVED listening to the conversation. You both did a terrific job of overviewing and educating the audience for how to have conversations as we all try to make lasting change with what is occurring in the world with civil unjust and D&I. The courageous conversation on race you overviewed was so informative. So many take aways.
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