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Small business isn’t small to us either.

You’re doing it. Running your business your way. Never settling or stopping. Pouring every ounce of energy you have into your day-to-day. At Westfield, we know what it takes to bring your passion to life. Every inspiring and tiring moment of it.

So, you keep on building your future—and know we’ll be busy protecting your every effort.

From Start to Never Stop

Hustle doesn’t have a pause button. So, no matter what, these small businesses keep on going and doing. And just as their determination shines through, so does their support system. Which means, whenever challenges or uncertainties step into your path, Westfield will make sure you step right over them.

b.a. Sweetie company

b.a. Sweetie Candy Company

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Made Clevedland

Made Cleveland

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Hungry Bee

Hungry Bee

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Hey future, let's do this.

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Grow Your Business

Growing your business while continuing to offer exceptional service to customers can feel like an impossible balancing act.

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Safe and sound

When it comes to protecting the business you've built, we share the same passion.

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Small Business Survival Strategy Sessions

Most businesses try to expect the unexpected such as fire or theft—that’s what insurance is for, after all—but what happens when the entire global business community goes off the rails? How businesses of all sizes are shifting to meet the moment.