In 1848, a group of farmers set out to find a better way to protect their land and their work—and we never stopped. Today, Westfield continues to stay true to our farm traditions. Day in and year out, we’re committed to providing the products, tools and confidence you need to grow and to thrive.

working as hard as you do

Farm worker with wooden box picking fresh ripe oranges from orange tree branches in spring
Agribusiness Network

Our Farm and Agribusiness network illustrates the broad and diverse classes of business within our appetite.

Aerial view of roads intersecting in farmland
Where Land Meets Life

Our footprint illustrates the state where we are currently writing business.

Little girl holding a chicken, standing in a field of chickens. Family members walking in the background.
Poultry Experience

Explore the various parts of a poultry barn.

Laying the financial groundwork

With 170+ years of serving farmers, you can be sure that the energy, dedication, resiliency and passion that you put into your work, we also put into ours. Today, we remain one of the leading insurers in this industry, offering long-term stability and financial strength you can depend on.

Controlling risk

Because you deserve an all-encompassing level of protection, confidence and control, we provide it. By tailoring our risk control services to your specific business, Westfield can help you identify sources of loss, reduce loss costs, and help safeguard your future.

Investing in our community

Tirelessly supporting our communities is something we both have in common. Day in and year out, we stand by our promise of protection and restoration. 

Earning your trust

Fair and reliable pricing means competitive rates and stable premiums. Which is exactly what Westfield delivers. We believe presenting our costs clearly and consistently is the best way to meet your expectations—actually, it’s the only way.

Focusing on the future

New guidelines are broadening our underwriting opportunities in an every-changing marketplace. With our flexibility and creative problem-solving, Westfield can provide a competitive edge for you as well as the agents and businesses that serve you. So let’s give it a go. C’mon. Let’s grow something.