COVID-19: Agency Updates and Resources

Updated as of 5/26/2020

4:13 PM EDT

Westfield is here for you and our customers

Our goal is to continue to provide you with the resources you need to help answer questions that impact customers. We’re here to help so be sure to contact your Westfield contact or email Agency Communications with any questions.

We'll let you know all of the latest pages that have been updated right here, so you'll be able to keep up with what's new!  Or check out our Frequently Asked COVID questions to see if we've already got the answer ready for you!

Premium Payment Update

We are extending the suspension of all policyholder cancellations until June 15, 2020 or as directed by each state. This is an update from the previous billing relief expiration date of May 31, 2020. We will also continue to waive fees and delay cancellations notices for the majority of customers.  Please continue to monitor this resource page for updates. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Westfield has worked with our customers to provide relief though payment deferral, waiving late fees and custom billing solutions without penalty. We understand customers may face financial hardships directly related to impacts from COVID-19 and we can guide them through billing options – we’re here to help:

  • If your customers need additional options during this time, please have them reach out to one of our customer care representatives at 800.243.0210, option 2, between 8:00am – 8:00pm EST to discuss.

Did your agency receive customer premium relief check(s)?  Our intent was for all premium relief checks to be directly delivered to the customers.  We discovered a situation where agents could receive a small number of checks if the following two conditions were met: 1) a customer paid their premium in full between the middle of April until May 7 th and 2) the agency had previously elected to have any checks delivered to the agency.  We expect this to be a very small fraction of the checks being mailed out and apologize for any inconvenience.

Tell Us How Things are Going!

Hello! We want to know how it's going during this crisis. That's why we're launching agent pulse check surveys. Every two weeks you'll receive a new survey and a chance to tell us how you're continuing to adjust, any challenges you may be facing, and how Westfield can help. Take the survey by May 20:

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