Commercial Lines Information

Providing Options and Support for Commercial Customers

Since each business is being impacted differently as a result of the pandemic, our teams are working with you to provide options and solutions to help commercial customers. We are also offering flexible billing solutions and have suspended the current term endorsement activity on sales/payroll changes as the result of prior term audits to help during this time.

For more information access a copy of the customer letter and our   Personal Auto Premium Relief Fact Sheet>>>

*Subject to regulatory approval

Hospitality Businesses

Applies to existing Westfield customers only

When life changes, we change with it.

As part of your community, you understand how critical your role is to building the community around you. And every day presents both opportunities and rewards. So, when life changes, you dig in and face what comes your way – envisioning possibility for you and your customers.

Change presents alternatives and alternatives could change everything

Commercial Hospitality is not immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. And because of their unique facilities and services, they are candidates for alternative use – whether by state requirement or voluntarily. That’s why we’ve created a couple of pieces to offer current Westfield customers who are in this unique position. Our goal is to provide information that helps them identify opportunities to respond in a safe and healthy way.

  • The More You Know is a thought leadership piece that highlights important risk potential to consider.

  • The Risk Guide is a compilation of risk control measures specific to hospitality operations and is based upon trusted industry and government best practice protocols and recommendations.

While we will not write new business contemplating alternative use scenarios, we want to be sure that you have materials to offer current Westfield customers who are facing these challenges. Please feel free to share this information with your current Westfield customers who find themselves facing an alternative use scenario.

The materials provided on this page are not intended to cover every potential issue an insured may encounter or should consider. Westfield ® is providing these materials are for informational purposes. Information provided here does not operate as legal advice and should not be a substitute for consulting with your independent agent or a legal advisor or both.