Your Time to Shine: Westfield Scholarships


Westfield is proud to support students interested in the property and casualty insurance industry with scholarship dollars. Get to know the recipients and what the scholarship means to them:

Erika Perry, Junior, Indiana State University

“I am thankful to receive this scholarship which allows me to pursue my goal of earning a degree in insurance and risk management without having a financial burden. Having financial help gives me the opportunity to grow as a young business professional and take full advantage of the college experience that I am offered. This scholarship is an honor to receive and shows that my hard work has paid off as I work to achieve my career goals.”

Kayla Cecchine, Junior, St. Joseph's University

"I am so grateful to Westfield for this generous scholarship opportunity as it supports my education and development as an insurance professional. This investment in the future generation of the industry truly amplifies Westfield’s unwavering dedication to supporting the dreams of the young professionals. This is just one of the many reasons I am so proud to work in the Risk Management and Insurance Industry."

Kirsten Lucas, Junior, University of Cincinnati

“Westfield provided me with more than a scholarship; this wonderful company helped fund my professional future in Insurance. With their assistance, I can continue my studies at the University of Cincinnati as I pursue a double major in Insurance & Risk Management and Information Systems. It is truly an honor to receive this scholarship and I look forward to seeing where it takes me in my professional development and beyond!”

Devon Goolsby, Junior, Appalachian State University

"Receiving this scholarship has provided not only financial support, but a sense of support in my future aspirations within the insurance industry. With the Westfield Scholarship, I am able to focus on school and taking advantage of countless opportunities, without the burden of financial stresses. Beyond that, I am able to feel encouraged by industry members that feel that the career path I have taken is worth investing in, and that is worth more than anything else." 

Ryan Blasavage, Junior, University of North Texas

“This scholarship has enabled me to continue my education and professional development full time. It has been incredibly humbling to see how generous and open the insurance industry is to students. I am so thankful that I found an industry with so many opportunities for those who are willing to seize them! Thanks again for all that your company has done. It's incredible what you've done for so many students and me. I'm glad to have been part of it, and I hope it continues for years to come!”

Jarred Gurss, Sophomore, University of Colorado, Denver (James R. Clay Winner)

“This scholarship gave me the ability to continue my goal of being debt free while pursuing my bachelor’s degree. With this assistance, I was able to accept an internship in Insurance for the Spring 2019 semester. Additionally, I was able to take an extra class to stay on track with graduating in less than four years. I broke down when I got the notice I was a recipient of the scholarship because it was the first time since high school I didn’t feel a financial burden.”

Harrison Cameron, Junior, Appalachian State University

"Westfield’s generous contributions to my education have enhanced my ability to direct my focus onto class work and away from student debt. I am very grateful to know that the industry I am entering is so supportive of younger generations entering their career. Thank you, Westfield, for all that you do in building a strong foundation for myself, every other recipient, and future recipients through this extremely beneficial scholarship."

William Kolenda, III, Junior, Illinois State University

“The scholarships that Westfield offers are truly life-changing and the Westfield Scholarship has been just that for me and my journey towards a career in Risk Management and Insurance. With the help of Westfield, I have been able to further progress my dream of graduating debt-free. Funding your own college education is extremely difficult and it is the institutions and companies like Westfield that make getting an affordable college degree possible. I am extremely fortunate for receiving this scholarship and sincerely thank and pride Westfield in their ability to change the lives of students across the nation.”

Westfield has partnered with the Westfield Agents Association to help make it easier for students to realize their dreams through the Westfield Scholarship Program. Annually, we award seven $6,000 scholarships and one $5,000 James R. Clay scholarship to college students who demonstrate interest in the property and casualty insurance industry.

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