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Introducing the newest program in our Worker's Compensation Portfolio... WesCare® 24/7 Nurse Triage Program

A proactive and sensible solution to your workers’ compensation needs

You care about keeping your workplace safe for your employees. And you work hard at it. But despite your best efforts, you worry about workers’ compensation.

You are not alone. Wages for replacement workers, reduced productivity and even morale issues all impact your business when a work injury occurs.

Westfield is a partner you can count on. Through our Wescare® program, we have the resources to deliver the specialized workers’ compensation services you need. We put our team of experts in underwriting, risk control and claims to work for you. Our team is prepared to work with you immediately by offering:

  • Claim reporting made easy
  • Experienced WC professionals dedicated to service
  • Caseloads that allow for personal attention and service to each customer and injured worker
  • A knowledgeable partner in legal situations
  • Complete cost containment solutions
  • Industry leading return-to-work programs

Read more about WesCare® on this page. Learn more about WesCare® programs by using the links on this page or by contacting Westfield.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Professionals

The Westfield workers’ compensation claims team partners with workers’ compensation underwriters and risk control experts to provide your business with a package of WesCare® services. Our claims professionals specialize in workers’ compensation and bring you and your employees a high level of care and service.

Nurse Case Managers

Recognizing that every workplace injury is unique, Westfield claims professionals work with licensed or certified Nurse Case Managers and Vocational Care Specialists to develop care management strategies for your injured workers. They coordinate medical services and communicate goals for treatment with physicians and patients. They are an advocate for your injured worker’s recovery and return to work.

Medical Bill Review

We work to control costs and keep workers’ compensation affordable through our medical bill review program. We audit medical bills for accuracy, compliance with state fee schedules and reasonableness. Our advanced approach to medical bill review and negotiations maximizes savings.

Catastrophic Case Managers

On catastrophic cases, doctors specializing in the injury sustained, in conjunction with Nurse Case Managers, are consulted to determine the best care for the injured worker.

Prescription Drug and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Programs

Our prescription drug and DME programs provide discounts on many commonly prescribed drugs and medical equipment with no out of pocket expense to your employees. Prescribed drugs or durable medical equipment are obtained quickly and seamlessly from either a local pharmacy or with delivery right to the door.

Outstanding Customer Service

Westfield workers’ compensation claims professionals give personalized attention and time to each claim, thoroughly investigating and expertly handling your injured employee’s claims.

Claim Reporting Made Easy

Prompt reporting of a workers’ compensation claim is proven to reduce claim costs. Westfield’s centralized call center makes reporting your claim as easy as dialing our convenient, toll-free number (1.866.937.2663) or by emailing (westfieldccc@westfieldgrp.com) or faxing (1.866.937.2664) your first report of injury. We provide you with instructions and worksheets for injury investigation and review. We also file state-required forms for you.

Utilization Review and Pre-Certification

Our utilization service reviews treatment with the goal of delivering appropriate and cost-effective medical treatment to every patient.

Return to Work

A return-to-work program is a key component in any organization’s workers’ compensation approach. A well-managed program can help injured employees return to work quickly and successfully while helping the bottom-line for your business.

Preferred Provider Networks

Our complete nationwide preferred provider organization (PPO) networks help effectively manage your workers’ compensation costs. We can help you develop an effective relationship with a local occupational clinic or urgent care and help you design a physician panel or medical directory to assure that your injured employees are able to receive the care they need quickly, and from qualified health care professionals.

A Knowledgeable Partner in Legal Situations

Our experienced claims team includes specialists in litigation management. They bring expertise to the development of defense strategies and partner with skilled defense counsel to represent you and your interests.

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