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Resources to assist your injured employees obtain the medical care they deserve

Westfield is an outcome-based workers’ compensation organization. On catastrophic, complex and chronic injuries, we deliver peace of mind to you and your injured workers and their families by partnering with Best Doctors®, accessing top medical experts to assist with complex diagnosis, treatment and recovery circumstances.

Outcome-based physician services and results include:

  • National network of more than 50,000 of the top-rated doctors in their field, as recognized by their peers
  • Expert physicians representing the recognized top 5% in their specialty
  • Change in diagnosis over 20% of the time
  • Expert physicians covering over 400 sub-specialties
  • Modification in treatment over 50% of the time
  • One-time consultations to ongoing physician management programs

Catastrophic Injury Management

Westfield’s partnership with Best Doctors® results in early identification of critical medical issues by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of experts. By collaborating with the treatment team and the injured employee and family, we help both make complex medical decisions. This results in:

  • Input and guidance from cutting-edge, nationally recognized trauma physicians within 24 hours
  • Expert consultations throughout the recovery process
  • Reduced complications
  • Modification in non-surgical treatment in over 60% of the cases
  • Average reduction of at least $280,000 for catastrophic injury claims
  • Average rehabilitation savings of over $69,000
  • Optimal disability outcomes, including a reduction in permanent disability more than 19% of the time

Chronic injury and pain management programs

Severe chronic pain impacts 5% of all injured workers who lose time from work, and over half of all permanency awards are related to chronic pain. When your injured employee has a condition that develops into a complex chronic injury, Westfield partners with Best Doctors®, to complete a comprehensive medical review. A team of physician experts in chronic pain, pain management, rehabilitation and in any other necessary sub-specialties provide actionable recommendations that assist in improving the medical outcome and quality of life for your injured employee. Program features include:

  • Identification and analysis of critical medical issues
  • Detection of undiagnosed medical conditions, medical complications, and prescription regimen opportunities
  • Consultation with specific treatment plan recommendations
  • Program savings that can exceed $500,000 in these long-term chronic cases
  • Diagnosis or treatment changes over 90% of the time
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