WC - Pharmacy Benefit Program


When it comes to a pharmacy benefit management program, Westfield has a complete solution to meeting the needs of our customers and their injured employees. With a national network of over 64,000 participating pharmacies, a mail order and compounding pharmacy program, and clinical services second to none, our approach to workers’ compensation prescriptions focuses on delivering timely and convenient services to your injured employees at substantial savings to your business.

First Fill Program

Helping Westfield customers take care of their injured employees to get the prescriptions they need even before a claim has been received by Westfield.

Westfield partners with Healthesystems to deliver prescription benefits to your employees. The First Fill Program provides your injured employees immediate access to an initial dose of medication to treat their work-related injuries. With this program, initial prescriptions are processed without any confusion at the pharmacy counter and with no out-of-pocket costs to your injured employee.

Key Program Details:
  • First Fill forms ensure prompt and convenient receipt of prescriptions and eliminate unnecessary delays.
  • Westfield workers’ compensation customers receive First Fill Program information and forms with their policy. Contact Westfield for additional forms.
  • Provide your injured employees a First Fill Form at time of injury.
  • First Fill forms can be used for up to 15 days after the date of injury.
  • The program provides a 10 day supply of medication.
  • Westfield workers’ compensation customers should report new work injury claims to Westfield as soon as possible to activate additional pharmacy program benefits.
  • Contact Healthesystems at 1-800-758-5779 for more First Fill Program information.
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