WC - Outpatient Rehabilitation


Specialized workers’ compensation provider network of outpatient rehabilitation services

Westfield’s approach on outpatient rehabilitation focuses on providing expedited access to quality care. Key elements include:
  • National specialized workers’ compensation provider network
  • Clinical oversight focusing on medically necessary care
  • Outcome-focused care that outperforms industry benchmarks
  • Timely scheduling of appointments
  • Ongoing communication throughout the rehabilitation process
  • Cost savings
  • Focus on return to work
  • Coordination with overall care

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Features include:
  • Active management of physical therapy care from start to finish
  • Coordination of the provider choice with your injured worker to identify the best convenient care
  • Three way call with provider and your injured employee to complete initial scheduling, when possible
  • Follow-up and coordination with the treating provider and therapist, including securing initial evaluation, ongoing progress notes and discharge orders.
  • Management for visit attendance and compliance
  • Clinical oversight program

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Program highlights:
  • National network of FCE providers
  • Personalized scheduling with your injured employee
  • Quality control system that ensures consistency and quality of FCE reports
  • Report within 5 days of exam

Chiropractic Care

Program elements:
  • National network including over 17,000 licensed providers
  • Prompt scheduling
  • Management of visit attendance, reporting and billing
  • Clinical oversight focusing on clinical outcomes and return to work

Specialty Services

Other specialized therapy programs, including:
  • Work hardening
  • Work conditioning
  • Certified hand therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Pre-surgery therapy
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