WC - Nurse Case Management


Resources to assist your injured employees obtain medical care

Westfield’s approach to medical management is a complete solution for employers and injured workers. With a national network of over 1500 registered nurses, our workers’ compensation claims professionals work with expert nurses who specialize in assisting workers who are injured on the job.

The benefits for injured employees include:

  • Compassionate and experienced nurses with access to the most current information about healthcare and rehabilitation
  • Coordination of appointments and medical services
  • Facilitation of communication and sharing of medical information among the various medical providers
  • Reduced waiting time to see doctors, therapists and other medical providers
  • Expedited recovery and return to work

The benefits for employers include:

  • Expert nurses that understand your operation and how to get your employees back to work
  • Increased utilization of preferred providers and provider networks
  • Consistent communication to keep you informed
  • Eliminates unnecessary treatment
  • Reduced length of disability
  • Development and completion of a job description and job analysis when needed
  • Reduced total claim costs

Telephonic Case Management

Westfield’s telephonic nurse case management program focuses on strategic use of professional nurse resources with an emphasis on early intervention to promote successful and prompt recovery and return to work. Telephonic nurse case management provides:

  • Early assessment of the medical needs of the injured worker
  • Efficient coordination of medical care and return to work on appropriate cases
  • Effective communication
  • Successful case conclusion and return to work in over 95% of cases

Field Case Management

Westfield’s field nurse case management program focuses on deploying expert nurse resources to establish strong relationships with medical providers and injured workers to:

  • Assist with challenging medical and disability issues
  • Develop a close rapport with the injured worker and family as well as the medical provider
  • Identify medical treatment options for complex injuries
  • Facilitate communication and expedite scheduling of appointments, therapy, surgeries and diagnostic testing
  • Promote successful recovery and release to return to work in over 90% of these complex cases

Catastrophic Case Management

When a severe or complex injury happens to your employee, Westfield’s catastrophic case management program is there for you and your injured worker. Nurses specializing in assisting with life-changing injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, severe burns, and multiple trauma injuries, work with expert physicians to provide timely information to assist injured workers and their families in medical decision-making. These experts help to:

  • Coordinate medical care as part of a dedicated team to promote the best outcomes.
  • Attend medical team meetings
  • Facilitate communication among multiple medical providers
  • Research and identify industry leading medical care options and physicians
  • Complete Life Care Planning
  • Be a comprehensive resource for the injured worker and family
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