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Resources to assist your injured employees obtain the medical care they deserve

As a successful business you have worked hard to establish a safe work environment for your staff. When an injury happens on the job, you want to provide prompt medical care to your employees. Westfield has a national network of over 750,000 physicians who will see your injured employees quickly, listen to their concerns and provide appropriate medical care.

What is a Physician Panel?

Many states allow an employer to set up a list of medical providers and to direct medical care. Specific rules and practices apply to each state. Contact Westfield to determine if you are in a state that allows an employer to direct medical care and/or allows you to establish a physician panel. Westfield will assist you in developing your physician panel, if applicable.

What is a Medical Directory?

This is an informal listing of preferred medical providers for an employer. This often
includes the urgent care or clinic you work with or the local network hospital as well as
other key medical providers. They are a great quick reference as well as a great way to
maximize network utilization.

How do I find a network provider?

You can use the Physician Lookup on this page to find a doctor, hospital, urgent care center, clinic, and all other available medical providers. Contact Westfield for assistance.

Not all injuries are created equal, so not all treatment should be the same. Westfield has an extensive network of physicians who are experts in treating work related injuries. Our network includes specialists to manage any injury, no matter how complicated.
You can use the Physician Lookup link on this page to find the ideal medical provider for your situation.
Depending on what state you live in, the physician panel or network of medical providers that can provide treatment will vary. Your employer may have a physician panel or medical directory with additional medical provider information. Talk to your employer or contact Westfield for more information or with any questions.

In addition to partnering with Westfield to maintain a safety program, you can take steps to provide appropriate and timely medical care long before any potential first injury.
Our panel physicians know how important it is to learn about your work environment and your business to establish an effective treatment plan. They have experience treating work-related injuries and understand workers’ compensation.
Establishing a relationship with a network occupational clinic or urgent care facility will allow you to provide prompt and targeted medical care.
Depending on which state(s) you operate in, you also may be able to establish a physician panel. You can also develop a medical directory of network providers to share when requested.
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